Monday, October 10, 2016

Assabet River Rail Trail - Oct 2016

Photos on status of Assabet River Rail Trail, Maynard and Acton, Massachusetts, as of mid-October. Click on any photo to enlarge:

Between Summer and Concord Streets the old railroad ties have been
removed and clean fill brought in and compacted eighteen feet wide (for
what in the end will be twelve foot wide paved with two foot wide stone
dust shoulders). Additional clearing on sides. This was paved with base layer
on October 18th. Final paving and landscaping scheduled for 2017.

The town parking lot behind the Paper Store and Outdoor Store and Subway
lost end-on parking on the north side to make room for the Trail. When
completed, there will be parallel parking. One result is that the driving
lanes become narrow compared to what was there before.

This is one side of the abutments being constructed to anchor the new bridge
over the Assabet River. Original schedule was completion by March 2017,
but now looks more like January. The new bridge will be longer and much 
wider than the wooden bridge it replaces.
Binder (base) paving started the week of October 10-14. Base asphalt has larger stones
and less tar than surface paving, which will be done either later this fall or
early 2017. Most of the Trail from High Street (photo) all the way to the
Stow border is now paved. Work will move to next to Main and Railroad Streets.
The binder paving is 12 feet wide, which will be the Trail width when completed.

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