Saturday, December 24, 2016

Assabet River Rail Trail - Dec 2016

New photos on status of Assabet River Rail Trail, Maynard and ActonMassachusetts, as of late December. There has been a tremendous amount of work done in Maynard, much less in Acton. In Maynard, all parts widened (resulting in removal of >600 trees) and all railroad ties removed. Two-thirds of the Trail has received preliminary paving (there will be another layer added later). Curb cuts and street-crossing lights are being installed. The old footbridge was removed and abutments are in place for the new bridge. In Acton, the focus has been on the boardwalks over wetlands in front of and to the north side of The Paper Store building, on Route 27. There is also work on the north end, from Maple Street.  Other sets of photos posted in November and October.

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Assabet River Rail Trail looking north from Summer Street, Maynard.
Apartment building (right) lost much of its tree shade and Maplebrook
Park (left) lost about one third of its area.

East abutment for the new footbridge over the Assabet River. The abutments
on both sides are bridge-ready. Installation of bridge set for Spring 2017.

Frozen canal (center) from river to mill is flanked on left by a retaining wall
for the Trail, which for this stretch parallels Winter Street, south of Rt 117.
Paving and railings not yet in place. Work continues.

January 2017 update: The bridge in Acton has been removed. A new bridge will be installed later this year. Original schedule calls for June/July.

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