Wednesday, January 1, 2014

You know you're from Maynard if...

Bikeworx moved to Hudson remember ten or more of the following: 17 Summer restaurant, 51 Main Street restaurant, the A&P, The Alchemist Health Foods, Allen's Cafe, Alphonse's Powder Mill restaurant, Amory's, Anderson Ford, Army & Navy Surplus Store, Assabet Institute for Savings, Avalon restaurant, the B&M Railroad station (passenger trains to Boston until 1958), Bacharach's Grocery, Batley & Sons Florists, Beacon Santa Telethons, Bikeworx, Boeske`s gas station, getting driving lessons from Bug-eyed Bob...

Opening Day, 2011 (note snow on roof)

Brick Oven Pizza, Butler Lumber, Cafe La Mattina, Carbone's Twin Tree Cafe, Cast Iron Kitchen, Center Dance Studio, Ciro's restaurant, the Clothes Inn, Colonial Theater (movies for 9¢), The Copper Kettle restaurant, The Corner Closet, Dennison Manufacturing Company, working for DIGITAL, Donutland (now Babico's), Dunia, Dunn Oil, Easter Egg hunts at Crowe Park, Elizabeth Schnair's newsstand, the Elmwood Street bath house and sauna, Erikson's Ice Cream, Factory Outlet, feeding Mill Pond ducks and geese at the Farmers' Market...

Mill Pond goose, Farmers' Market
Fine Arts Theatre, why the fire station horn sounds at 12:10, Fleepo the Clown (aka Philip Bohunicky), Flipside Records, the flood of August 1955 (Hurricane Diane), Fred's TV, Geek Boutique, The Gail Shop, GO TIGERS!, Grandmothers' Trunk, Gramps' Garage, Grappas restaurant, Gruber Bros Furniture, the gym at Emerson-Fowler School, the hurricane of 1938, ice skating on Cemetery Pond, India Palace, Irene's Stitch-It Shop, JJ Newberry variety store, Jacob's Market, Jimmy's Variety, John J. Tobin  ("Mr. Maynard"), Johnson Pharmacy, JoJo's West...

Kelly's Bowling Lanes (candlepin, of course), Knights of Columbus, La Petite Auberge, Leapin' Lena appearing in parades, Lovell Bus Lines, M&B Lunch, Malcolm's Steakhouse, Manning Pharmacy, Massa's Bakery, Martin & Doran Funeral Home, the Charles A. Welch Lodge in the Masonic Building, Maydale Beverage Company, Maynard High School bonfires at homecoming, Maynard Motel, Maynard Smoke Shop...

Peeking through the door into the Maynard family crypt, Maynard's centennial celebration in 1971,  motorcycle charity rides parading through town and ending at the Rod and Gun Club, Mr. Takeout, Murphy & Snyder Printers, Nason Street Spa, New Idea Store, Northern Recording Studio, helping OAR (Organization for the Assabet River) pull tires and other trash out of the river, Oktoberfest fireworks, "Only in Maynard" T-shirts, Oriental Delight, drinks at the PC, Parker Hardware, Parker Street Hall (the Finnish Workingmen's Socialist Society)...

Patty's Donut Shop, Paul's Bakery, Peoples' Theatre (movies for 25¢), Prescott Paint, Priest's Cafe, Quinteros, The Red Door (and Ma), Rickles Cut Rate, Rob Henry's Tavern, Rodoff Shalom Synagogue, Russo's restaurant, St. Casimir's Polish Catholic Church, St. George's Episcopal Church, St. John's Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church, Salamone's, Samuels Studio, Santa arriving for the Christmas parade by helicopter, Screech Owl yearbooks, elementary school trips to the Clock Tower to see the clock...

Sears & Roebucks catalog store, Sheehan and White Funeral Home, Sid's Airport, drinking Bud Light on Silver Hill, live music at the Sit N' Bull Tavern, skating at Thanksgiving Pond, sledding at the golf course, Sons of Italy, Speedy's Pizza, Stretch's Tavern, T.C. Lando's Subs & Pizzeria (and the fire of 1998), Taurus Leather Shop, horrible smells from the Taylor mink ranch, Tennis Court Dances, Teresina's vintage clothing, Tobin's Pizza, Town Paint, Tutto's Alleys & Pool Hall, Taylor Chevrolet, United CO-OP, Victory Market, Vincent's Antiques, W.A. Twombly Funeral Home...

When traffic was two ways on Main and Nason Streets, Walking the trestle, WAVM, W.B. Case & Sons, Western Auto, Woodrow Wilson School fire (1952), going to a woodsy, Woolworth's, and Ye Olde Town House Pub... With apologies to all the other businesses, people and events, both past and present, worthy of mention but not identified in time to make this litany.

Compiling this list would not have been possible without all the people who posted at the Facebook site "You know your from Maynard if," so many, many thanks to them. Please share it with people who have moved away from Maynard. Who knows? Perhaps they will move back. Or at least visit.

Various businesses and people came to our attention after this article was published: 38 Studios, Chin Lee Laundry, Firestone, Gutteridge Jeweler's, Irwin's Cigar Store, Maynard Taxi, Leher's, Muzzey's, The Nickel Inn, Speedy's Pizza, Tarny's Barber Shop, Whitmac Furniture... 

With apologies to Maynard, IA (pop 513), Maynard, AK (pop 426), Maynard, MN (pop 366) and Maynardville, TN (pop 2,390).


  1. Does anyone know the story behind Mr. Takeout? I remember going as a kid, the same lady always working there covered in flour or corn starch, the smell of the food and outstanding fried clams, fries and onion rings. What about a photo? Food served in paper bags. Love love love that place

    1. It was my grandfathers place .

    2. They lived right across from us, had candles on top of candles and a pile of pillows for miles. He would hide dollars around their place for the children to search for. Anything they found the kids kept. Halloween’s best treat was going to Mr. Takeout’s to get free fries.

  2. They made the best fried clams, whole belly clams and tuna subs. I live right around the corner

  3. Pete Carbone's restaurant, where the Elks is now, made the best fried clams I have ever had.

  4. TC Landos was originally Tory's on the corner at 62 and 27.

  5. Stephano's restaurant next to the Fine Arts Theatre

  6. Still the best Onion Rings I've ever had, I think they used lard to fry. The clams were great as well......She was always elbow deep in flour. She would double dip the Onions to coat them better,,,,,,,,, Nicky's Spa for a soda and Penny Candy, corner of Nason and Summer, to the left of Wirthmore Feeds, what a fire that was ! Did anyone jump from the tracks (where we squashed coins) into the coal unloaded from the train we used to hitch rides on up to Brown street.