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Amory Maynard Ancestors

In addition to Amory Maynard, for whom the Town of Maynard was named for, in 1871, there were many other descendants of the John Maynard (1598-1672) who brought his son John Maynard (1630-1711) to the Massachusetts Bay Colony circa 1638.

0. John MAYNARD (1575-1603) born England, died England
Married Elizabeth Ashton (1579-1603)
John MAYNARD (1598-1672)  if years are correct, five years old when parents died

1. John MAYNARD (1598-1672) born England, died Sudbury         
Married Elizabeth _______ (1602-1633) m. 1627
Married Mary (Rice) Axtell (1619-1680) ~1646. Her first husband Thomas Axtell
John MAYNARD (1630-1711)
    CHILDREN BY MARY (who also had three children from her first marriage)
Zachariah MAYNARD (1647-1723) m. (1) Hannah m. (2) Hannah
Elizabeth MAYNARD (1649-1676) m. Joseph Graves
Lydia MAYNARD (1651?-1717) m. Joseph Moore  poss Lydia was born 1644 to Mary
Mary MAYNARD (1656-1677) m. Daniel Hudson

2. John MAYNARD (1630-1711) born England, died Marlborough
Married Mary Gates (1636-1678) in 1658 in Sudbury
Married Sarah Blandford/Keyes (1643-1724) in 1679 in Sudbury. Her first husband Elias Keyes
Mary MAYNARD (1659-1689) m. Isaac Woods 1683
John MAYNARD (1661-1731) m. Lydia Ward
Hannah MAYNARD (1662-1729) m. Jonathan Davenport – descendants include President Bush
Elizabeth MAYNARD (1664-1733) m. Nathan Brigham
Simon MAYNARD (1666-1748)
Zachariah MAYNARD (1668-1672)
David MAYNARD (1669-1757)
Zachariah MAYNARD (1672-1738)
Sarah MAYNARD (1680-1757) m. Joseph Johnson
Lydia MAYNARD (1682-????) m. Thomas Haggate
Joseph MAYNARD (1685-1721) m. Elizabeth Price

3. Simon MAYNARD (1666-1747) born Marlborough, died Marlborough
Married Hannah Newton
Hannah MAYNARD (1694-????) m. Joseph CROSBY
Sgt. Simon MAYNARD (1695-1786) m. Sarah CHURCH
Elizabeth MAYNARD (1698-1766) m. Robert HORN
Tabitha MAYNARD (1700-1724)
Elisha MAYNARD (1703-1760) m. Huldah BANNISTER
Eunice MAYNARD (1705-1730) m. Nathaniel FALKNER
Ephraim MAYNARD (1707-1797) m. (1) Sarah LIVERMORE; m. (2) Mary BALCUM
Benjamin MAYNARD (1709-1711)
Zerviah MAYNARD, (1710-????)
Catherine MAYNARD (1714-1729)

4. Ephraim MAYNARD (1707-1797) born Marlborough.
Married (1) Sarah LIVERMORE, (2) Mary BALCUM
Tabitha MAYNARD (1738-1742)
Ephraim MAYNARD (1740-1742)
Sarah MAYNARD (1743-????)
Ephraim MAYNARD (1745-1826) m. Eunice JEWEL
Simon MAYNARD (1748-1818) m. Silence PRIEST
Joseph MAYNARD (1750-1785) m. Lovina BARNES
Benjamin MAYNARD (1753-1801) m. Silence WILLIS
Eunice MAYNARD, baptized. 13 Mar 1756 presumed died shortly after
Eunice MAYNARD (1757-1835) m. Abel WILLIS

5. Simon MAYNARD (1748-1818) born Marlborough
Married Silence PRIEST
Simon appears to have served in the colonial army April 19, 1775 to May 4, 1775, which qualifies his descendants as Sons and Daughters of the American Revolution. His unit may have been active on April 19, 1775 (the Lexington/Concord battle).
Isaac MAYNARD (1779-????) m. Lydia HOWE
Hannah MAYNARD (1782-????) m. (1) Peace PETERS; m. (2) Stephen HOWE Jr.
John Priest MAYNARD (1791-1818) m. Betsey WEEKS

6. Isaac MAYNARD (1779-1820)
Married Lydia HOWE 1803
Amory MAYNARD (1804-1890) m. Mary PRIEST
Lydia MAYNARD (1805-????) m. Joel Wilkins in 1822

7. Amory MAYNARD (1804-1890) born Marlborough, died Maynard
Married Mary PRIEST (1805-1886)
      Lorenzo MAYNARD (1829-1904)
      William MAYNARD (1833-1906)
      Harlan MAYNARD (1843-1861)

Amory Maynard
Mary (Priest) Maynard
Amory was 16 when his father died. He took over operation of the family mill, and in time went into the construction business. He built a woolen mill in Framingham for William Knight. After the two men sold their water rights to the city of Boston, they formed a partnership and started a mill in Assabet Village, in 1846. The village became Town of Maynard April 19, 1871. Amory died 1890; at that time his oldest son, Lorenzo, was Agent of the mill (equivalent to today's Chief Operating Officer). The mill became bankrupt in 1898, purchased by American Woolen Company, and restarted 1899.

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