Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Digital Equipment Corporation Literature


Websites and publications on Digital Equipment Corporation

Abrams, Reesa E. (1988). A Study in Corporate Cultures, Digital Equipment Corporation, The Myth: A Cultural Operating Manual. DEC Cultural Operations Manual.

Allison, David. (1988). Transcript of an Oral History Interview with Ken Olsen Digital Equipment Corporation. Division of Information Technology & Society, National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution.

Coen, Elisabeth (2010). KEN OLSEN: Visionary Scientist, Entrepreneur and Founder of Digital Equipment Corporation. Gordon College Press, Wenham, MA.

Computer History Museum.  website by DEC alumni 

Goodwin, David Thomas (2016). Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC): A case study of indecision, innovation and company failure. University of Amsterdam.

Kotval Z, Mullin J, Karamchandani Z. (2008). Partnerships and the Fiscal Implications of Planning and Development: A Case Study of Maynard, Massachusetts, Planning, Practice & Research, 23;4:461-478.

Pearson, Jamie Parker; Editor (1992). Digital at Work: Snapshots from the First Thirty-five Years. Digital Press, Burlington, MA. ISBN 1-55558-092-0.

  Has extremely detailed timeline

Schein, Edgar H., DeLish, Peter S., Kampas, Paul J., Sonduck, Michael M. (2003). DEC is Dead, Long Live DEC: The Lasting Legacy of Digital Equipment Corporation.

Walker, Barbara A; Hanson, WC. “Valuing Differences at Digital Equipment Corporation” in book Diversity in the Workplace, pp. 119-138. Jackson SE (ed.). Guilford Press (1992).



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