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Trail of Flowers (TOF) exists to plant flowering plants, shrubs and trees along the Assabet River Rail Trail (ARRT). As of 2022, plantings have been in Acton, Maynard and Marlborough. Plan is to add Hudson in 2023. Stow is not yet part of paved ARRT

Plant identification signs added fall of 2022
SUMMARY: Trail of Flowers was started in 2018 by David Mark. As of 12/31/22, total income from grants, donations and sale of ONLY IN MAYNARD coffee mugs has been $9,216 and total expenses $8,088, leaving an end-of-year balance of $1,296 (per ARRT accounting rather than simple subtraction) in an account maintained by ARRT. Mug sales income made up $1,811 of the total. Through volunteer efforts, more than 7,000 daffodil bulbs plus hundreds of other plants have been planted in three towns.

 Contact information:

David A. Mark

10 Maple Street

Maynard, MA 01754 


Grants and donations to TOF and expense invoices are forwarded to Assabet River Rail Trail Inc. (, a Massachusetts-based, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed for the purpose of promoting the creation of a multi-use recreational rail trail that when completed will pass through the communities of Marlborough, Hudson, Stow, Maynard and Acton. As of 2022, there exists a paved section 3.4 miles in length in Acton and Maynard, and a paved 5.6 mile section in Hudson and Marlborough. As of January 2023 there is no paving or connection in/through Stow because some of the original right-of-way is private property, and because bridges are missing from two crossings of the Assabet River.

ARRT maintains a bank account for TOF and accepts grants, donations and profits from sale of ONLY IN MAYNARD mugs. ARRT reimburses TOF expenses. No one is paid for TOF work. Car mileage for TOF purposes is not submitted as an expense.

Plantings in almost all locations are sited more than six feet from the edges of trail pavement, so as to not interfere with towns’ mowing of borders. The towns’ Department of Public Works are not expected to provide maintenance. Shrubs and trees are sited so that at full-size, will be away from the pavement, and not interfere with any sight-lines at street crossings. See for photos. 

2022 Annual Report

What mature Beauty Bushes will look like
Summary: The fifth year of operations saw purchase of 1200 daffodil and 100 tulip bulbs, all planted in Maynard, split between the Marble Farm Historic Site and east side of Rail Trail north of Summer Street. Maynard volunteers participated.

In Acton, near the Sylvia Street access, plantings were two more Royal Purple Smoke Trees and two more Winterberry bushes. In Marlborough, near the trail end, planting of six Beauty Bushes.

Donations & Mug Sale Income: $1,099.00

Expenses: $1,845.95

End of year balance: $1,296 (per ARRT accounting)

As in previous years, sale of ONLY IN MAYNARD mugs generates income. Through 2022, 576 mugs purchased for a total of $2,109.82 and 535 sold. Direct sales are at $10/mug. Sales at various stores in Maynard are at $10/mug with stores keeping $3/mug, leaving $7/mug to recoup cost and generate income for TOF. Through 2022, mug income = $1,811. Mug costs have increased, so starting in 2023, price will by $15, with stores keeping $5.

Other actions:

*Website updated to capture 2022 activities.

*Grass mowed and leaves raked at Marble Farm site by TOF and ARRT volunteers.

October 2022 groundbreaking event
Marble Farm Park: Maynard’s Cultural Preservation Committee (CPC), the Select Board and the voters at a May 2021 Town Meeting approved a budget of $101,707 submitted by CBA Landscape Architects LLC, Cambridge, MA, to convert the town-owned Marble Farm site across Route 27 from Christmas Motors to an official town park/historic site. A bid was accepted fall of 2022 and work completed: removal of dead trees, brush piles, a deteriorating brick entranceway and a pump house, plus construction of a metal fence around the historic house foundation and in 2023, installation of a bench and a sign. Trail of Flowers volunteers will continue to be responsible for the flower beds and maintenance (primarily lawn mowing and leaf raking).   

Plans for 2023

Plans are to start a membership organization with annual membership fee, periodic email blasts  of events and what’s blooming, and development of a volunteer cadre for spring, summer and fall planting and maintenance. There will be a first annual zero kilometer run/walk event. Also an intention to seek corporate donations in Maynard, plus requests to towns’ garden clubs and Cultural Councils, and ARRT.

Plans are to coordinate with City of Hudson government/DPW and Hudson Garden Club ( to start planting in Hudson, and to continue to expand plantings in Acton, Maynard and Marlborough.

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